Host Town


Tawaramoto × Guatemala
What is a Host Town?

Tawaramoto is focusing on continuing the international relations after the end of the exchange program, to promote regional revitalization and the local government's continued interaction with the people from the countries and regions participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.
Both Tawaramoto and Guatemala have protected our ancient historical heritage, and we have a connection through agriculture and coffee. We want to further develop the exchange and friendship by making use of these things we have in common.

A video message from H.E. Mr.Tsuyoshi Yamamoto,
the Japanese Ambassador to Guatemala

How Tawaramoto became a Host Town

When we were looking for connecting Tawaramoto with a foreign country, to participate in the HOST TOWN Project, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Promotion Secretariat introduced us to the Republic of Guatemala in Central America, which had not yet signed a Host Town tie-up. In June 2019, Mayor Akihiro Mori paid a courtsey visit to Mr.Diego Ubico, then Charge d'Affairs to Guatemala in Japan, and as he received a good impression of Tawaramoto, we were instantly able to deepen our bonds. The following July Cabinet Secretariat staff traveled to Guatemala to confirm the willingness to enter a Host Town agreement, then in August, Tawaramoto and Guatemala signed the Host Town agreement, and the Host Town registration was completed in the latter half of August 2019. In Tawaramoto you can find the Karako Kagi Remains which were formed during the Yayoi period, and Guatemala also has valuable cultural heritage, including the Tikal ruins created by the Maya civilization. In addition, Tawaramoto, the birthplace of the founder of UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd., and Guatemala, a major coffee producing area, are also connected by the keyword "coffee". Furthermore, both Tawaramoto and Guatemala have agriculture as our main industry, and we believe that through these common traits, we will be able to further promote exchanges and deepen mutual understanding and friendship.