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About the Host Towns of a Harmonious and Inclusive Society project

Japanese government (Prime minister’s office) designates local governments which implement universal design urban development and make efforts for removing psychological barrier for a harmonious and inclusive society, through interexchange with Paralympian, as the Host Town of a Harmonious and Inclusive Society.
Tawaramoto town has become the Host Town of the Republic of Guatemala since August 2019 and implemented various exchanges and social activities with Guatemalan people. Appreciated these achievements, Tawaramoto town was designated as the Host Town of a Harmonious and inclusive Society of the Republic of Guatemala on 26th of February 2021. Tawaramoto town will boost the momentum for the Paralympic games by implementing universal design urban development and making efforts for removing psychological barrier for a harmonious and inclusive society, as well as accelerating the achievement of making such harmonious and inclusive society.

Introducton i on of candidates for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of the Republic of Guatemala

Messages to the citizens of Tawaramoto

The leader of the Guatemalan Delegation

The person in charge of Olympics in the Guatemalan Olympic Committee

Oscar Maeda

I am very happy to once again be able to greet Tawaramoto and the kind, friendly and beautiful people of Tawaramoto that welcomed us when we visited in January. I was impressed with the Japanese education and culture, and with the history of Tawaramoto. It was an honor to meet the people of Tawaramoto, including the children. I was also impressed with and interested in the ongoing social support project led by the young, yet professional mayor of Tawaramoto. I am looking forward to meeting everyone again soon. I am confident that our visit to Tawaramoto in August this year will be fulfilling for both me and the Guatemalan athletes. I hope that we will be able to continue to share wonderful times with you all, and that the bonds of the friendships we are currently building will last forever. Thank you very much for becoming the Host Town of Guatemala. I am also grateful for the warm welcome and for teaching us about the culture and history of Tawaramoto. But above all, thank you for teaching me that there still are countries and towns that do not forget to have respect for others.

Olympic Candidate Athletes


Juan Maegli,

Isabella Maegli(Siblings)

To everyone in Tawaramoto
As Guatemalan athletes, we are honored to be able to build friendships through the Host Town project with Tawaramoto. We can't wait to visit Tawaramoto to meet you all and to learn about your culture. Muchas gracias (Thank you very much)!

Shooting (Trap)

Ana Waleska Soto

Hello everyone in Tawaramoto.
I am writing this message to you to convey my excitement that Tawaramoto became our Host Town, allowing me to learn about your wonderful culture. I hope to be able to meet you all, and that we can spend a wonderful time together. Guatemala, the country of everlasting spring, has a lot of traditional history, and it is also a multicultural country. I am really looking forward to learning about Tawaramoto through the cutural exchange, and I hope at the same time I can teach you something about my beautiful country. To everyone in Tawaramoto, feliz día (have a good day)! I would like to extend my greeting as a member of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Guatemala team.


Luis Carlos Martínez

I would like to express my greetings and gratitude to Tawaramoto, the Host Town of Guatemala for this Olympic Games. As an olympic athlete, I thank you for letting me feel a part of the spirit of the Olympic Games. I am looking forward to meeting you after the Games. Gracias (Thank you).

Shooting (Skeet)

Juan Ramón Schaeffer

Greetings from Guatemala, the country of everlasting spring, and the center of the Mayan culture. I appreciate the hospitality of Tawaramoto, a town that is very far away from us geographically, and I am excited to hear that some of us in the Guatemalan team will be able to spend some time with everyone in Tawaramoto. In July, the Guatemalan team will participate in multiple competitions. I hope that the wonderful exchange experience planned in our Host Town Tawaramoto will be a motivation to succeed in the Olympic Games. A big thank you to everyone in Tawaramoto for accepting us.
With respect.

Other Representative Olympic Candidate Athletes


Kevin Coron

Race Walking

Mirna Ortiz


Charles Fernández

Shooting (Trap)

Adriana Ruano


Jorge Vega

Paralympic Candidate Athletes


Raul Anguiano

Other Representative Para-Athletes

Power Lifting

César Echeverría


José Girón
Giovanni Rangel

Table Tennis

Pedro Avendano

Gerber Salazar